Net Metering - 10 kW or Less

Generate Power at Your Home or Business – Feed Power into the Grid

The Net Metering Program allows customers to generate power and feed it into the grid - promoting clean, renewable energy to help support Ontario’s electricity supply.  For more information on the Net Metering Program, visit the Ontario Ministry of Energy's website at this link.

How To Apply

Oakville Hydro’s role in the Net Metering Program is to facilitate connection to the electricity distribution system.

Please complete and submit the following documents to Oakville Hydro:

  1. Form 5a – Application Form
  2. Form 5b – Connection Agreement
  3. Single Line Diagram of your project

Once your application has been reviewed, and is acceptable, Oakville Hydro will send you a letter outlining any requirements and connection fees. Payment of the connection fees is required before your project can be connected to the grid.

Once construction of your project is completed, you will need a safety inspection from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Once the ESA approves your project and all electrical and metering equipment has been installed to the satisfaction of Oakville Hydro, we will connect your project within five (5) business days.

For further information, contact Oakville Hydro at: or 905-825-9400 ext. 2266.

Engineer drawing while working

ESA Inspection

Click for more information on the ESA and their processes.